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Color Clash in Home Design: A Guide

Color clashing, it turns out, is the newest in-style look. Color-clashing clothing is common, but have you ever heard or read of color-clashing interior decoration? No one will notice when there isn’t enough clash in your look. On the other hand, a residence with too much color will seem dreadfully clownish!

What Is Color Clashing?

Color clashing is a technique in which you combine contrasting or complementary hues on different sides of the color spectrum to produce a striking contrast. Color clashing in the home can be achieved by paying attention to the following factors:  undertone, tone intensity, and patterns.

What Is Undertone?

When trying to understand undertones, imagine your skin’s undertone as a starting point. When examined closely, your forearm’s veins have a warm or chilly undertone depending on whether they are green or blue.

Generally speaking, the undertones that make you feel good tend to be warm or cool. Instead of mixing warm and cool undertones, ask your elite interior designer to go for a warmed-to-cool undertones combination when dealing with clashing color schemes.

What Is Tone Intensity?

Color tone intensities that are in harmony with one another can be soft with dull tones or dazzling with bright tones. Keep the exact or near to the same tone intensity in mind while color-coordinating your home’s interior.

Yellow and purple, for instance, can look great together if the tonal intensity is the same. Colors like cheerful yellow and electric purple pair well, but you can also use dull mustard yellow and dull lavender purple to create an eye-catching look.


If you’re feeling very daring, consider combining pattern and color clashes. There are various fun color and pattern combinations you can play around with at home. For example, an orange armchair that has a royal-blue cushion with pink and white polka dots.

How Is Color Clashing Interior Useful?

Color-clashing vibrant colors with bold colors is a daring and attractive way to express yourself. It’s a terrific way to make a particular item of home décor pop out from the rest of your décor. If you enjoy sports, you are likely familiar with the elegant and tasteful ways that football clubs and other sports franchises use color clashing.

You can ask your online interior design consultant to make the exact fashion statement with your home decor as you can with clothing and sports jerseys by mixing and matching different hues.

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