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Creating Space for a Home Office

For some people, working from home during the pandemic was the best thing that ever happened to work—for others, it was hectic. Some people wanted to permanently switch to working from home while others couldn’t wait for the pandemic to be over. Introvertedness and extrovertedness may have a role in this but the home office is a far greater factor.

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As we’ll see, there are certain things that you need to consider when designing a home office. These considerations are not just superficial; they have a significant impact on your motivation, concentration, and even your energy levels. 

Here are some tips for creating space for a home office.

Create the Right Lighting

Sunlight plays a critical role in the sleep-wake cycle. When you wake up in the morning and go out, blue light from the sun enters your retina and confirms to the brain that it’s morning and time to wake up. In response, your brain produces the hormone serotonin which induces wakefulness and prepares your body to face the day. Getting sunlight is also essential for your circadian rhythm—the earlier your brain records daytime, the earlier your circadian rhythm will induce sleep at night.

When you’re working from the office, you get lots of sunlight on your way. However, you’re less likely to get the sunlight you need when working from home. The solution? Choose a window-facing space for your desk where you can get lots of sunlight in the morning. Also, make sure you have the night light mode turned off on your screens in the morning. Adding lots of artificial white lights instead of warm lights can also serve the purpose.

Set Social and Physical Boundaries

One of the great things about working from the office is that everyone else is also working and no one disturbs you. You can easily stay in your zone for hours and no one will break your flow. It’s hard for many people to get that kind of peace and quiet at home.

Most people today get disturbed very easily but some homes are so chaotic that not even a Buddhist monk could maintain focus. The only way to maintain focus is by setting boundaries, both social and physical. Ask people you share space with not to come into your room while you’re working and if you have pets, lock your door.

Design Your Workspace for Optimal Productivity

Use colors that motivate you. This depends from person to person but bright colors are generally more motivating. Also, design a nice background for your video conferences—this will make you feel more confident and increase your productivity.

You can’t go running around the house during your shift for things you need—but you also can’t make your desk so cluttered that you can’t find anything. You get optimal productivity when you have everything you need perfectly arranged. Having the right furniture, comfy environment decorations, and other design elements can also help you stay in a good mood and improve productivity. This is where we come in.

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