Does Your Bedroom Need a Design Transformation?

A survey claims that at any time, around 70% of Americans think about redoing their room. We know the feeling. The new year rolls around, and we wake up one day and wish that our bedroom was a bit more stylish and beautiful. It doesn’t hit the mark it should, so is it time to redesign? But hiring a room decor designer and redoing any room yourself takes money and time, and the bedroom, which is essentially a sanctuary and the most used room in the house, needs a bit more consideration. So, when is the right time to redesign? Here’s a little guide to help you decide!

1. The Timing

Professional interior designers recommend changing the decorations or redoing the bedroom every three to four years. Trends are always changing, and the room can look outdated. It doesn’t have to be scraped off the top to bottom. Change the color scheme or bedding while keeping it a space where we can solace, unplug, and relax. You can hire interior visualization services and see how these changes will look before making any.

2. When It Needs Upgrades

The bedroom is the principal room, a safe place to let your hair down at night and, in general, a haven, so it needs updates to keep it that way. A well-designed room is a restful place and can also improve mental health. Keeping the same décor, wall color, or bed for several years can take the feeling of safety away. Therefore, people should take the chance to redesign when they feel it needs updates.

3. When Replacing the Bed

If you’re replacing your bed, you might need to take a step further and make changes to the other parts of the room as well. When replacing a bed, the other furnishings can look tired and even older than they are, in stark contrast to something new.

4. Accents to Suit New Paint

It’s recommended you paint the wall every 12 to 24 months or at least a fresh coat. It can revitalize a room and make it look brand new. However, some pieces in your room might need a revamp to stay on theme. If you’re on a strict budget and want to do the minimum, try adding accents according to your paint color. You can always customize a room design service as per your budget.

5. When It Looks Fatigued

Bedrooms can end up looking fatigued after a few years. There is also emotional fatigue where you’ve seen it so much that the comfort it previously gave goes away. Having a tired-looking room changes how we feel about it; therefore, if your bedroom starts to look like that, it might be time for a change.

Does Your Bedroom Need a Design Transformation?

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