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Home Decorating Trends to Get Behind this Summer

Annually there are $422 billion or more generated in sales for building materials, supplies, and equipment because people want to make changes in their home. 14% of people have been hit with the inspiration to remodel their kitchens this year and their whole homes. Do you know what helps? New trends.

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New online interior design ideas and trends are here, and we’re obsessed with some of them. Here are our favorite picks for your decorating needs this season.

1. Matching Outdoors to Indoors

Nothing seems more summer than the lush plants and blooming flowers. Bring your home in harmony with the weather by matching the outdoor to the indoors. Have a little piece of garden in your home by decorating with tall house plants, and if you can’t keep plants alive, check out realistic-looking artificial flowers and plants.  

2. The Classic Blue

The year 2022 is well on its way, and so is the 2022 Pantone Color of the Year, and it’s *drumroll* classic blue! This just further solidified the color on every designer’s radar. Hire the best interior designer you can, and they will have a hundred ideas to incorporate into your style and preferred decorating trends.

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3. Boho Chic

Boho chic is the favorite of every girl in the fall and brides in their summer weddings, and now it’s 2022’s favorite decorating trend. However, do skip the psychedelic tapestry and instead opt for décor made of wood and fibers or use woven baskets. A colorful patterned rug will also help tie the look together. A good rug is a favorite and one of the simplest ways personalized single-room design services elevate a room.

4. Artsy and Metallic

Do you feel like you want to add a bolder décor? Go with artsy and metallic styles. Add flavor and culture to your home with art in primary colors like red, yellow, or blue. In addition, keep it a little modern with some glitz and glam through metallic finishes. You can combine the artsy and metallic trend with a craft project in metallic accents and add more of a personal touch to your décor.

5. Shabby, But Classy

That sounds the strangest thing you might have read but hear us out. The “shabby yet classy” decorating trend is an organized mess and gives your home a lived-in feel. Earthy tones and colored couches and rugs while incorporating shades like mauve or olive green. For the walls, think distressed white paint finish or pastels if you want something brighter.


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