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How To Choose The Best Outdoor Décor

An outdoor space is perfect for breathing in the fresh air, enjoying the sights, and relaxing. However, since it’s exposed to the natural elements, the décor that works for the interior won’t work for the outdoors. Fortunately, there are endless ways to spruce up the space meant for the outdoors. In this blog, Modztud’s interior designers explain how to pick the best outdoor décor furniture for your home!

Pick The Right Fabric & Material

Not all materials and fabrics can withstand the outdoors. Bare wood especially won’t last. Untreated wood can last around 1 to 6 months if it gets wet a lot. Even exotic woods will struggle in different climate conditions. To pick the right material, take note of what kind of weather you have in your area usually and consult a professional interior designer about the best choices to last in that kind of weather. For example, mahogany works well for decks and porches.

There are special fabrics made for outdoor décor that can withstand diverse nature conditions. They are fade-proof and water-resistant. In addition, they also come with many color choices. Some brands that create specialty fabric may not be available to you directly, and you may have to go through an interior design service to order them for you.

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Focus on the Lighting

Research shows a correlation between improved mood and adequate lighting. The outdoors shouldn’t only be enjoyed during the day but whenever you want. But to enjoy it at night, you will need to focus on the lighting. Lights enhance the look and functionality of both interior and exterior spaces. Something like a pendant light on top of an outdoor dining table will add comfort. You could also play around with different colors to give the patio a muted or dramatic look.

Add An Entertainment Space

If you’re fond of entertaining, add outdoor décor pieces meant for entertaining. This can include a dining table, a lounge area, speakers, tabletop outdoor games, etc. The space will also double as a relaxing spot for you and your family.

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Enclose the Space

As amazing as it is to build an entertaining space perfect for any occasion, you will also want to protect your privacy. Whether you live in a multiple-acre space or if your neighbors happen to be living a little too close, outdoor curtains will be a good idea. You can upgrade the patio by adding a pergola with curtains and turning it into a semi-enclosed space.

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