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How To Decorate Your House Like A Celeb?

The curiosity about celebrities’ homes and their lifestyle is natural. They’re the trendsetters, and some of us are constantly trying to keep up with new trends.

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Keeping that in mind, we have peeked into some A-list celeb homes to give you an idea of the top trends – from Robert Downey Jr’s art to Naomi Campbell’s accessories. You can follow these trends to decorate your own home like a celebrity.

Dress Your Neutral Walls With Artwork

One of the common trends in almost every celeb home is the art gallery wall. White walls and neutral colors are a popular pick among the elite lot. The reason is simple. White and neutral-toned paint serves as a canvas to display art pieces.

Celebrities such as Will Smith, Robert Downey Jr., Naomi Campbell, and Kendall Jenner have dressed their neural or white walls with multiple art pieces. This provides them a backdrop for minimal distraction so that the actual artwork can stand out as a focal point.

Introduce Bold Accessories to Interior Décor

We have repeatedly seen celebrities mix designer rugs and cushions in bold colors. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend complement their cloud sofa with burnt orange and turquoise cushions.

Take, for example, the cinema room of famous musician Wiz Khalifa. The room features polka dot cushions for a splash of color. Naomi Campbell’s home boasts beaded textiles and Kenyan artifacts to add depth to her living space.

All the celebrities and interior designers are on board with this bolder design trend. You can do the same by introducing diverse textures and colors to your space. Linen cushions, textile pile rugs, and cozy blankets will do the trick.

Think Wood: Ceilings, Cornice and Flooring

Many celeb homes feature a revival of contemporary Spanish architecture in the form of wood flooring, door frames, cornices, and ceilings. Most of them live in LA, and it only makes sense to combine dark wood cornices and floors with adding a touch of classic modern-cum-crisp vibe to their homes.

Kendall Jenner took this trend up a notch with exposed wood beams, window frames, and doors to her LA home. You’ll also find woodwork on other celebs’ homes.

One way you can incorporate this trend into your home is by adding dark wood furniture to your home. It’ll perfectly accent your floor. What’s more? Dark furniture hides any stains. Alternatively, you can also invest in antiques such as old pieces and heirlooms made from wax and oaks.

Collect Antiques and Memorabilia

Collecting no-so-common décor and furniture items are part of every celebrity’s pastime. For instance, Kendall Jenner’s home features a rare Radiofonographplayer from 1965. Similarly, Cara Delevigne’s home features a Chanel surfboard – a most coveted item she received as a brand ambassador of the French luxury brand.

You can try this trend in your home décor by investing in rare and antique collectible items. Work with artisans or discover places that offer antique art pieces.

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