An interior home design connecting the living room with the outdoors using large doors

How To Incorporate Indoor-Outdoor Living In Home Design

Want to remodel your home based on the latest trends? Why not consider an indoor-outdoor living home design? This ingenious idea is all the rage right now and most homeowners are considering it when buying or remodeling their homes. As the name suggests, indoor-outdoor living allows you to bring the outdoors indoors and vice versa.

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Scroll down to read some ideas for incorporating indoor-outdoor living in your home design.

Remove External Barriers

Most people choose to get indoor-outdoor home designs to experience openness and a feeling of living without barriers. However, this can be challenging with walls surrounding you all the time. It’s time for you to ditch those walls and connect with the outdoors. You can get large sliding doors instead, the transparent fiberglass ones can keep you connected to the outdoors even when you close the doors.

You also have the option to install bi-fold doors, as they’re more functional than sliding doors and add a stylish look to a room. Indoor-outdoor living aims to remove boundaries between the indoors and outdoors, and replacing walls with glass and doors can achieve that while keeping your indoors secure.

Get an Outdoor Canopy

Another indoor-outdoor living idea that many people love to add to their homes is a patio. A patio extends your living space to your backyard, and with the right furniture, you can make it your outdoor living room. However, areas with lots of rain, thunderstorms, or snow should consider getting an outdoor canopy above the patio.

This outdoor canopy will make your backyard look more stylish while protecting your patio furniture from harsh weather elements. If you don’t want to get a permanent canopy, you can install a retractable one and remove it based on the weather.

Use the Same Flooring for Indoors and Outdoors

Most home remodeling jobs include floor replacing or repair, and you can use this to incorporate indoor-outdoor living in your house! Instead of using different flooring materials and designs for your indoors and outdoors, like patio, decks, terrace, and garden paths, you should get the same flooring.

You can also take things up a notch by creating a smooth transition. Use the same material but change the design a little bit where the outdoors connects to the indoors. This will make your indoor-outdoor living even more creative.

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