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How To Make Your Dark Bathroom Brighter?

Given the amount of time we spend in the bathroom daily, it only makes sense to ensure that our bathrooms offer comfort and ease. It’s an intimate space that doesn’t need to feel cramped, disorganized, dingy, or dark.

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At Modztud, our elite interior designers and remodelers help homeowners with the home transformation that includes creating spacious personal and intimate spaces. Use our guide to turn your dark bathroom into an organized and brighter space.

1. Burn Some Incense

Nothing makes a space cozier and lighter than some candles and lanterns. You can bask under the warm glow of a candlelit bathroom—no need to turn the lights on and add to your electricity bills.

You can choose your favorite scents, including vanilla, lavender, or bergamot, for an ultimate relaxing experience. Adding lanterns and candles can add spaciousness to your bathroom and give it a luxury spa-like vibe.

2. Recoat With A New Hue

Maybe it’s been years since you renovated your bathroom. It needs some touch-ups, and recoating is the best way to go about it. Darker hues absorb the light, whereas lighter colors reflect more light.

If your bathroom has a dark shade of paint, it’s time to recoat with neutral tones such as pastels, whites, and cream colors. These colors are soothing to the eyes and reflect more light to make your bathroom appear larger and brighter.

3. Glossy Tilework

You can try new tilework. Tiles are glossy, so they reflect and bounce light in the bathroom. You can extend the tilework to the walls for extra flare. A half-painted and half-tiled wall will create a balanced scale in the bathroom. We recommend pastel tiles and white walls for a clean and fresh feel.

4. Become Friends with Mirrors

Mirrors and light go hand in hand. Mirrors have a magical ability to reflect light and create a sensory illusion. You can use them for your benefit. If you currently have a smaller mirror in your bathroom, swap it with a larger one. It’ll create more reflective space and bounce more light around the bathroom.

Alternatively, you can take it up a notch by mirroring the entire vanity wall. This will create an open space-like vibe in the bathroom – just as good as a window.

5. Enliven with Plants

You can enliven your bathroom with plants. Think of your bathroom as an incomplete oasis without some green here and there. A dark bathroom lacks light, so you must be selective about which plants to add.

You can choose from peace lilies, parlor palms, and prayer plants. They don’t require sunlight and easily fit in a pot above your vanity. Alternatively, you can hang English ivy if space is an issue. Plants will bring freshness to your bathroom to make it feel natural and less cramped.

How To Make Your Dark Bathroom Brighter?

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