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Mixing Interior Decorating Styles: Yay or Nay?

Interior design styles can be combined more easily than you might assume. There are only a handful of “genuine” decorating styles. The majority of styles draw inspiration from a variety of historical eras and periods. It is common for elite interior designers to draw inspiration from past eras or trends when creating new interior design concepts.

When you design a room, you aim to establish an area where the senses and the intellect can see as one. Using these tips, you can effortlessly mix and match styles to establish a cohesive and unified space.

How Did Different Interior Design Styles Develop?

Today’s traditional styles have their roots in the early country fashions that most people associate with the term. The blending of styles has also resulted in new decorative trends. A good illustration of this is the transitional style, which combines contemporary and traditional elements in equal measure.

Although the original proponents of the eclectic design preferred to portray themselves as non-committal, today’s modern eclectic or maximalist style could be seen as a synthesis of a variety of various aesthetics to produce a look that is uniquely their own.

What Can You Do To Mix Interior Decorating Styles?

1. Choose A Handful Of Colors

If you have too many colors in your room, it might make each item feel like it sticks out. Keep in mind that “spreading the wealth” means using the same colors over and over again so that everything in the room flows into one cohesive whole.

This is called “color harmony.” To maintain a sense of cohesion across the house despite the variety in decor, ask your room décor designer to pick a handful of colors you enjoy and stick to them.

2. Uniform Pattern

Your interior designer will often tell you that to prevent a space from looking disjointed; it is important to adopt a consistent shape or motif in the design. Decor styles can be brought together through this. Replicating the curves and lines in a sofa or beloved chair can also help keep the design on-brand throughout the room’s entirety.

3. Use Stock Furniture

Incorporate a variety of unique components with a variety of basic selections from a particular store. Consider simple, everyday-looking colors and finishes. If you do it this manner, your basic furniture won’t clash with your more ornate pieces.

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