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Nursery Room Decoration Guide For Parents-To-Be

Decorating a nursery can be overwhelming. You want it to be warm while also being practical. Between the many essentials you have to add and other décor items you would like to have, it can be difficult to decide what the end look should be like. Modztud is an online interior design service that brings all design ideas to life, including nursery designs. Here’s a small guide for parents-to-be to get them started.

Nursery Decorating 101

You’ll need to figure out many things before picking nursery décor.

  1. A nursery is a place where you’ll make many memories with your newborn. So think about what’s important to you and what will bring joy to your family.
  2. The budget is important—figure out how much you can afford to spend on the room. If the budget is big enough, you could hire an interior designer to handle nursery décor.
  3. Pick the space you want to convert into a nursery.
  4. Make a timeline and give yourself plenty of time before the baby arrives to finish the nursery.
  5. Some furniture can take time to arrive, so order key items around week 24.
  6. Put on wallpaper or paint the room with plenty of time to spare. You will need to air out the room before the baby arrives.
  7. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies sleep close to their parents for the first six months. Get a bassinet or portable crib.
  8. Pick nursery décor pieces that speak to you, and be intentional about how you organize them in the room. An unplanned nursery can get messy quickly.
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Designing a Baby Room

You need inspiration to design any room. Keep an eye out for themes, colors, fabric, décor, etc., and make a Pinterest board or a mood board. Your mood board should have things that inspire you and furniture and accessories that are a must-have for the nursery. Go through your mood board to define the nursery’s style.

Create a layout of the nursery, as it’s the most important part of a great interior design. The layout will help determine furniture placement, focal points, negative space, and traffic flow. Add nursery storage solutions to make the space look more organized. You can use bookshelves, baskets, wall hooks, and shelves.

Must-Have Items for a Baby Room

As much as you need to focus on finding a good design for the nursery, you need to stock up on some nursery essentials. Update your nursery lights and install dimmers. Your baby will need late-night feedings until they’re four to six months old. You don’t want to disturb them while still being able to feed them and do diaper changes, and a dimmer will help with that. The nursery will also need a baby monitor, a sound machine, and a humidifier.

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Modztud – Online Interior Design Service

Have a lot of ideas for your nursery décor and can’t form a cohesive vision for what the room should look like? We can help! Modztud provides personalized home interior design services to transform any room with the exact look you envision. Our interior design service ensures that when you hire our interior designers, they take all your ideas and desires and turn them into amazing interior design.

Contact us today for more information on our online room transformation services.

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