Brackets and corbels

Small Interior Touch-Ups – Make Each Embellishment Count!

If you want to add pizza to your home, be friends with architectural embellishments such as molding trim, brackets and corbels, and pilasters. Your home should offer a stylish and inviting respite, besides being an extension of your personality.

Although safety and protection are the sole purposes of your house, let’s not limit it to that. Your home can easily be a canvas you can paint with whatever you like. As interior designers, we recommend considering the following touch-ups.

For Starter: Your Home’s Openings

Start with the openings in your walls: windows, doorways, niches, and fireplaces. You can easily and quickly zhoosh up the look of such features by adding pilasters. Pilasters are one of the fine architectural embellishments that are used to frame doorways.

These elements add a style and finishing look to the doorway. You’ll find various types of pilaster options available. Simple, decorative, contemporary, traditional – you name it.

Embellishments For Bathroom and Kitchen

If there’s one way to enhance the beauty of weight features in the bathroom and kitchen, it’s through wood corbels. This architectural embellishment supports countertops and shelves but can also be used for decorative purposes only.

Wood corbels can instantly draw attention to unique cabinetry and countertops in your kitchen. They can be the topic of conversation because of their raw artistic energy. You’ll find decorative wood corbels in various designs, including oriental, botanical, and animal.

Quick Tip: You can also use corbels to create a focal point in any room.

Don’t Forget The Ceiling

People often overlook ceiling décor when designing their home décor plan. Of course, your guests won’t always look up at the ceiling, but you should know that the ceiling view is onthe periphery. You can easily incorporate architectural embellishments such as ceiling medallions and molding trim to take it up a notch.

A plain-looking ceiling will wash out the rest of the décor, making everything look out of place. You can cinch your interior décor by installing ceiling medallions and molding trims between the rooms.

Don’t underestimate the dramatic impact of ceiling elements. You can paint them to match the ceiling color or complement them with contrasting hues for dramatic effects.

Corbels For Shelves

Corbel is a decorative element that projects out of the wall. It’s a type of bracket that supports a weighty structure in interior décor. Usually, these architectural embellishments support balconies, but you can easily use them to accent the shelves in your home.

They’re thicker than brackets, and therefore, they can carry the weight of shelves. You can get these structuresbuilt in your study, kitchen, and any space in your home.

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