A small living room

Small Living Room Layouts for A Compact Home

If you have a small living room, the pressure to get the layout right without making the room look messy is a lot. You have to juggle between available space, storage, soft furnishing, and seating while ensuring that it feels spacious and calm.

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It may look like an impossible thing to do but trust us; you can arrange your furniture by following these layout ideas for a small living room.

Small Living Room Layout

The living room is a multi-functional space in any home. You entertain there and watch television, and it’s a kids’ play zone. It would help to consider how you spend the time in the living room because that will determine the layout.

1. Symmetrical Layout

Symmetryis visually comforting, and it makes any living room space appear calm and in order. However, we recommend our clients not to overdo it. A layout that is too streamlined can turn a small space into a boxed room.

Break up the lines, instead. You can do that with textured and curved surfaces. Alternatively, you can add seamlessly hidden doors if there’s premium wall space in the living room and create a recessed bookcase around the door or hang artwork and family pictures on it.

2. Floating Furniture Layout

Floating furniture is the perfect way to design a small living room layout. It increases the floor proportion and frees up a lot of floor space. Your sofa or couch will be the largest piece in the living room. You should pay attention to getting it right.

Consider compact shapes with tall legs for a spacious feeling. This type of furniture directs attention beneath the sofa to the other end of the wall. You can also use visual trickery such as layering lighting to make the room appear larger.

3. Built-In Layout

You can swap your couch or single sofa with a space-savvy bench. It’s the smartest way to use the space underneath your living room window. You can pick a shallow-depth lounge seat and use a stash of cushions instead of a bulky backrest.

4. Modular Layout

If your budget doesn’t allow you to grab some bespoke designs, your next best bet is modular furniture. Modular furniture includes pre-made items that you can combine to furnish your living room. You can easily break up modular furniture to create two sections and gain extra floor space instead of stacking everything together.

5. Include Mirrors

Planning interior designing for small spaces can be very demanding, but you can use mirrors to create visual deception. The mirror is an essential part of interior décor. They can create an illusion of enlargement and turn your living room into a light and breezy space.

Place mirrors strategically opposite the windows to make your otherwise tight layout look brighter. Ensure that the mirror isn’t reflecting other mirrors because that’ll create an overwhelming, never-ending effect.

A single sofa in a compact living room

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