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What Should An Interior Designer Not Do?

Interior designing isn’t a piece of cake. It’s an art that you can only learn with years of unrelenting practice. However, there are design mistakes that people and even some elite interior designers can make.

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We have curated this guide to outline some interior design mistakes that every homeowner and interior designer should avoid.

Choosing the Wrong Scale

It’s one of the common mistakes in interior design. Too many tiny things can make any space look messy and cluttered. Likewise, overloading heavy pieces in a space makes it appear stuffy. You can avoid these mistakes by finding a balanced scale.

For instance, use different types, heights, and shapes to keep the space interesting. Focus on proportion to get the scale right. Just because a space is small doesn’t mean you have to add small furniture. You’re not Snow White living in a small dwarf house. A single statement-making piece can do the trick just right.

Hang Wrong Art Size

Art pieces can define a room and create a focal point, but that can also turn into a glaring mistake. Many interior designers choose the wrong size of art pieces. Bigger is mostly better because too small pieces look silly.

Aim for creating a focal point with a grand-sized artwork. Otherwise, you can experiment with smaller pieces by scattering them in different locations. Eye-level art looks more natural.

Decide Wall Paint First

Interior décor is a forever-evolving phenomenon. There’s no room for permanence. Many interior designers and homeowners make the mistake of selecting their paint color first. We recommend selecting fabrics first. For instance, materials for chairs, curtains, sofas, and rugs should be picked first, followed by the wall paint, depending on the fabric shades.

Mixing and matching a wall color to complement any room’s texture, lighting, and fabric is easier than the other way around.

Go For Bare White Walls

Who doesn’t love a white or neutral color wall? It looks poised and comfy but only when you get it right. Neutrals can go from chic to empty in a snap and turn your living space into a harsh and grim space.

We suggest layering warm textures and colors if you’re aiming for Nordic designs. Add some artwork and accessories and throw in some popping paint color in the form of curtains, rugs, and throw pillows. Even shelves will make a difference in your otherwise insipid-looking neutral furnishings.

Miss Focal Focus

Many designers miss adding a focal point to a room. Any living space will look like it’s floating about with no scene or corner to grab interest. It’s important to create a focal point in the living space because it anchors the room and elevates its beauty. Any prominent feature would be animated wallpaper, large artwork, indoor trees, or paneled walls.

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